Artemis Culture is dedicated to grass roots culture and events.
Encompassing the environment, nature and landscape, we aim to promote
understanding and harmony to care for and support the area’s unique qualities.

We are involved with the local community and create community projects, educational programs, for young people and more.



Artemida (until 1977 Loutsa) is a seaside resort town in East Attica, Greece. Since 2011 the local government was reformed and it is now part of the municipality Spata-Artemida, of which it is a municipal unit. The Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos is located on the Spata-Artemida Avenue.

Artemida has a population of over 30,000 residents and covers an area of 18.653 km2. Located on the Aegean Sea coast, in the eastern part of the Attica peninsula, Artemida lies 5 km south of Rafina, 8 km east of Spata, 9 km north of Porto Rafti, 12 km north of Markopoulo and 25 km east of Athens city centre. Greek National Road 85 (Rafina - Lavrio) passes through the town.

Well known for its beaches, the Artemida area has a rich and varied history.   The city was named after the ancient goddess Artemis.  Notable ancient sites are the temple of Tauropolos and the sanctuary at Brauron.

The Temple of Artemis Tauropolos is located on the beach, as well as a smaller temple to an unknown goddess about 262 metres (860 feet) south.  According to sources, the founder of the sanctuary is Orestes, who transferred the wooden cult statue (xoanon) of the goddess from Tauris, disembarking on the eastern coast of Attica to build the goddess a temple.

Linked with a road between Artemis (Loutsa) and Markopoulo is the Temple of Artemis Brauron,  (Brauron lies on the coast between Artemida and Markopoulo, about 20 km from Athens).    

The ancient temple of Artemis Brauron is of Doric style and flourished in the 5th-4th century B.C.  According to myth, Iphigeneia was brought here from the land of Tauris by her brother Orestes and was a priestess at the sacred sanctuary.

The area also has many notable churches in town and along the coastline.  High on the hilltop is Agios Ioannis Prodromos with its spectacular view.  

Artemida has much more history and folklore to discover.  Recent findings prove it was an important ancient settlement which continues to thrive.


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